Protecting Your Important Investments, People & Property From Mold

Offering a 5-Level Inspection by a Certified Mold Inspector 

This section details the services offered by EnviroTENN. For more information on each service, please select a number and the details of that service will appear on this screen. If you have questions about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1 Limited Sampling - to detect the presence and kind of molds present in your home or business.
2 Mold Screen - to visually identify "red flags" for mold's presence, plus taking a limited sampling.
3 Mold Survey - to identify and determine causes and provide corrective measures for all mold sources for which remediation specifications are required.
4 Clearance Testing - to determine the success of remediation efforts in a contained area.
5 Post Cleaing Testing - to determine the success of remediation efforts when no containment is in place.

Please Note: Some wording used with permission of Environment Solutions Association.


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