Protecting Your Important Investments, People & Property From Mold

Inspection and Testing


    A Mold Advisory


    To Home and/or business owners
   To Real estate agencies 
   To Healthcare organizations 
   To Civic clubs, hotels/motels


EnviroTENN warns that mold can be a cause for concern: 

the sicknesses and litigation arising from mold-induced problems today is alarming.

To be strictly fair, there is a “Good mold” used in making antibiotics, cheese, and other things that make our lives better. But the “Bad mold” that grows unwanted where you live and work is a dual danger to people and property. The mold we’re talking about is the undesirable fungus that can grow alarmingly fast (as quickly as 24 hours after a water event) where people live and work.

   And it could have a double-barreled effect: 
 It could represent a serious health hazard to your family or employees. 
 It can also cause deterioration in building materials in your home or place of business.

EnviroTENN Helps Fights 3 Mold Groups


   Allergenic - could cause allergic reactions like watery eyes, wheezing and runny nose.

   Pathogenic - could suppress your immune system or cause serious health effects in someone who already has a suppressed system.

   Toxic - could cause serious health effects in almost everyone, ranging from short-term effects to cancer.



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