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Asbestos Inspection and Testing

asbestos inspectionAsbestos testing, inspections, and site surveys are often necessary before remodeling and/or demolitions. Site surveys are often required.  Envirotenn's highly-trained inspectors can take care of any needs you have for the determination of asbestos. 


What Might Contain Asbestos

Asbestos is a component of some building materials.  At one time, it was estimated that over 3000 different products contained asbestos. It is known to be a hazardous carcinogen. There is a potential for asbestos in popcorn ceiling material, vinyl floor tiles, textured paints, shingles and siding, pipe insulation, and other building materials that are not made of wood, metal or glass. 


Notification of Asbestos Demolition or Renovation

Are you in need of help with the State of Tennessee CN-1055? Envirotenn can conduct the inspection if you are demolishing a building and removing or renovating asbestos that exceeds state limits. Do you have questions regarding whether or not you have to submit a CN-1055?  If so, contact us today.


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